Why is an engagement shoot part of your package?  Do we have to do it?  Is there a discount if we don't?

I include the engagement photos in every package for several reasons.  First, it's really nice to have some fun, casual shots of you and your Sweetheart just being "you!"  However, the main reason that I include them is that it gives us a chance to work together before the wedding. It helps me learn how you two relate to each other as a couple.  Are you a snugly couple or a little more reserved?  Do you goof around a lot?  How do I get him to I crack a joke, or do I tell you to poke him?  How do I get REAL reactions and smiles out of you two?  Because honestly, you're never going to smile at me like you smile at him...and THAT is the smile I want to capture on your wedding day.

It also gives you two a chance to get comfortable in front of the when the wedding day comes, it's just easy.  I know what works well with you two and it's easy for you to ignore the camera when I'm getting all the photojournalistic photos.  Some people have a really hard time ignoring the camera, so if you've done photos before with me and are comfortable, it will be really easy for me to capture those great candid shots. 

Unless a couple lives out of country/state and are absolutely NOT coming into town at all before the wedding, I don't offer substitutions for the engagement photos, because they are such an important part of capturing the comfortable, real you in your wedding images.  I know how crazy schedules are, but the shoot only takes 45 minutes to an hour and I am more than happy to travel to you for the shoot.  If you decide you absolutely don't want to do them and you have the opportunity to... there are no discounts or substitutions.

See some engagement shoots and the gorgeous coffeetable book included in your package HERE and remember...the most recent shoots can be found on my blog!


Where can we do an Engagement Shoot?

Pretty much anywhere!  I love to go to locations that mean a lot to you as a couple.  Maybe it's the park where he popped the question, or the fire department where he volunteers, or the cafe where you had your first date, or even the elementary school where you met! 

I also love "action" going to the beach and out to ice cream, or ice skating, or to a museum, or to a park with your dogs, or your favorite pizza shop.  I have lots of fun ideas for shoot locations, everywhere from cute little parks, to impressive landscapes, to charming towns and urban spots.  The "best" place is wherever you can relax and have a great time with your Honey!

To  get some ideas, checkout some of my engagement photos HERE and remember...the most recent shoots can be found on my blog!


I'm having a tiny wedding, or I am eloping, do you have a package for that?

Absolutely!  I am super happy to customize a wedding package for your needs!  Every wedding package will include some sort of album... it is SO important for every wedding to be documented with some sort of tangible, beautiful heirloom quality piece.   The most important thing is that I capture the story your day...I do not offer short packages for full length weddings.


You are already booked on my wedding day, or I cannot afford your services, or I didn't have a photographer for my wedding last year...but I still want some gorgeous Selah Images wedding there something we can do?

YES! I have a "Rock the Dress" session set up just for you!  Or, if you already are a Selah Images Bride/Groom, you can do a Rock the Dress session at a discounted price.  Read about it HERE.


Do you carry back up equipment?

Absolutely.  I have back up or extras for my: camera body, lenses, flashes, memory cards, camera/flash batteries, light modifiers,etc.  I'm all prepared if something crazy were to happen.  I also carry a table cloth to keep your dress clean and lots of things like safety pins, band aids, etc.


Do you have insurance?

Yes, I am fully insured and am happy to provide proof of insurance if your wedding venue requires a copy.


Do you submit yearbook photos to the school?

Yes, I certainly do.  Since every school is different on what they require, I will need you to bring me the information that the school sent you with all their specs when you come for your pre-consultation or your session.  As long as you provide the information, I'll provide you with whatever you need to make sure your Senior Picture looks GREAT in your yearbook.


Help!  I don't know what to wear!

The most important thing is to be YOU.  We want your personality to shine in your images.  Most seniors bring a variety of looks, so think various degrees of casual and formal.   For families and groups, you want to coordinate....not match.  Think color families, instead of everyone in the same color.  I'd be happy to give you ideas!

Check out my galleries for ideas on what other seniors/families have worn!  You can also get great ideas on the Selah Images Pinterest boards.